International Manpower Resources is actively engaged in recruitment of Indian manpower to match the demand of its clients abroad.

Businesses and other organizations depend on complex electronic equipment for a variety of functions. Industrial controls automatically monitor and direct production processes on the factory floor. Transmitters and antennae provide communication links for many organizations. Electric power companies use electronic equipment to operate and control generating plants, substations, and monitoring equipment.

Power generation and transmission to utility areas calls for specialized manpower by way of Electrical Engineers and technical manpower for erection and maintenance of large distribution networks and grids, International Manpower Resources has supplied Indian engineers and technicians to meet our clients requirement abroad and our workers have given a very professional service to full satisfaction of the client.

Electronics and telecommunications had an explosive development in the last few years and need for trained manpower had outrun the availability of experienced persons in this field.

IMR by its special efforts has been able to pick up the right type of personnel with necessary qualification, skill and experience to meet the standards laid down by the client. With galloping strides in electrical and electronic industry, a number of specialized fields have been thrown up, which require special skills and experience.

IMR PL have in-house facility to discuss details with the client to know the exact nature of the manpower required for the job and ensure that the manpower recruited corresponds to the precise needs of the clients.

Our specialist, with his extensive experience and expertise in this field can scrutinize and examine candidates to access their skill level and pickup suitable workers to match clients’ needs.

  • Audio Technicians
  • Computing Technicians,
  • Design Electricians,
  • Design, Aviation,
  • Domestic Electricians,
  • Electrical Draftsman,
  • Electrical Engineers,
  • Electrical Maintenance Fitters,
  • Electrical Maintenance Personnel,
  • Electrical Supervisors,
  • Electronics Technicians
  • Facilities Electricians and
  • Industrial Electricians,
  • Information Technology,
  • Plant Maintenance Electricians,
  • Radio Technicians,
  • Safety/Security
  • Site Maintenance Electricians,
  • Superintendents,
  • Telecommunications Technicians,
  • Television Technicians,
  • Transformer Specialists,