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MANPOWER RECRUITMENT FROM INDIA: With more and more countries opening up their markets, the development projects in developing countries have picked up in a big way. Globalization and spirit of engaging specialized agencies to perform tasks with modern methods and equipment’s has become a preferred options for execution of such works. Oil exploration, mining, telecommunication are relative new fields, where India has the necessary skilled worker.

Free movement of skilled workers and Engineers from service areas / countries to developing countries for work is getting all encouragement. India has a pool of trained and experience manpower in a wide range of categories and can easily serve the manpower need for any country / project.

International Manpower Resources - IMR has been into manpower recruitment from India to any client abroad since over 20 years and has made significant contribution in providing manpower of necessary skilled categories and in a very reliable and cost effective manner.

Major projects in the shape of Hydro-electric projects, Thermal Power projects, Transmission & Distribution works, Water & Product pipelines, Airport, Aviation’s, Refineries, Petrochemical, Electrical, Mechanical, Fabrications, Information Technologies, Telecommunications projects and Civil construction works like Dams, Roads, railways, bridges and tunnels are a continuous process in the developing world today. Such projects are labour intensive, requiring a large category of workers in various skills. Such manpower requirement tapers off with the completion of the major works.

For such projects the manpower required has to be extra skillful but the engagement is essentially for a short term and temporary. International Manpower Resources (P) Ltd. have been very actively engaged in meeting all clients requirement anywhere in the world and have recruited field engineers, design engineers, quality surveyors, skilled categories in civil, electrical mechanical, electronic disciplines for the project needs.

International Manpower Resources – IMR is a premier recruitment agency, with more than two decades of experience in International recruitment and has placed more than 75000 workers with over 200 satisfied global clients across 50 countries.

International Manpower Resources (P) Ltd. is duly registered recruiting agency with Government of India in the highest category and operates in various fields for recruitment of skilled manpower from India.

With years of experience in recruitment of Indian workers for deployment abroad, IMR has gained enviable reputation of being most proficient dependable and competent agency to meet client’s manpower needs in a very professional manner. India has a large base of trained and experienced skilled workmen willing to take up assignments abroad.